Katherine Russell

Our co-founder Katherine is compassionate, hardworking, and radiating with love. Born with a heart to serve locally and globally, she is in her second semester of nursing school. She is studying to receive her RN and post-graduation will begin her masters degree in pediatric nursing. Another passion she has gained while in East Africa and stateside, is a love for the coffee industry. This passion has also been integrated into her efforts toward sustainability.


Lauren Shipley

Our co-founder Lauren is attending the College of Charleston as an International Studies major with a concentration on Africa, with two minors in Psychology and Religious Studies. She is passionate about creative writing and mental health. Post-graduation, she will be pursuing a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in trauma.


Roots to Freedom was created through a friendship rooted in a common desire to go out of our comfort zones and love the world in an extraordinary way. It started with two best friends believing in each other- and now, we want to believe in you. Our true team includes each individual we link hands with and each individual we get to dream with. We sure do love adventures- but our best adventure yet is getting to walk this journey with you.