Artisan Apparel

All products in the online store are made by artisans in Gulu, Uganda. The women pictured in the store gallery are the same women that handmade the jewelry. In partnership with Artisan Apparel, we have created an Artisan + Roots Collection. The profits from this collection will go back into Artisan Apparel for sewing machines and a savings account for an Artisan Apparel Training School. The training school will serve as a creative space for women to learn new skills and sustain themselves in an environment that promotes healing, joy, and freedom.

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Nazareth Children's Home

Nazareth Children's Home provides education, a safe home environment, and unconditional love to 32 children in Masaka, Uganda. As a partner of Nazareth Children's Home, our purpose is to strive towards improved sustainability with plans of creative income generators, a clean water project, sanitation projects, skills training, eco-friendly home improvements, garden projects, etc. We dream of a home that can provide these children with the best environment to grow and learn in so that they can be free to pursue their dreams.